Thursday, 26 January 2017

(Humongous) Empties #3 - 6 months worth of products. Makeup, body, face, hair...

Oops! I havn't published a blogpost in so long, it's a bit of a mess. Let's just say I've been busy/all over the place/ crazy over those past few months.
I came back from 3 1/2 months Croatia, settled back in Brussels, and directly received an offer for a 3 months job (paid, yes it still exists, I was amazed) in an archaeological projet. Halle-luuu-jiiiiaaaahhh! I had 1h30 of metro-train-tram journey one way, 1h30 back every day, so I just stopped worrying about the blog, and told myself that I would start again when I had a little bit more time. I didn't want to rush anything, and ending up posting "5words articles with a big picture to fill in space". So yeah, I'm finally back, and I'll try to continue this blog with content that I actually like. 
Anyway, after all this time, I thought that an "Empties" article was long overdue after 6 months of keeping all my empty products in two bags, so here it is!

* Bourjois Volume 1 seconde Mascara. One of my favorite mascara EVER. It separates my lashes, gives then lengths and volume, I mean... isn't this amazing? And it's drugstore! I tried some other mascaras in between the end of this tube and the repurchase of a new one, and I had to go back to this. I had to! I also tried the waterproof version - for special occasions - and it's as good! 
Repurchase? Yes. I just did. My life is complete again. 

* Essence Liquid ink Matt EyelinerCheaplong lasting, beautiful matte finish and pigmented! What else do you need in a liquid eyeliner?! 
Repurchase? Yes I would - but not right now because I want to try different liquid eyeliners, but it stays one of my favorite makeup items from Essence -.

* Sleek Eyebrow Stylist in "Medium". It has a very good not-cheap-feeling spoolie at one end, and a very nice waxy pencil shaped on an angle on the other end. The color selection is not great (I would have liked a brown with red undertone, but we can't have everything sometimes...) but the medium actually works for me. It's easy to use, does not hurt when you apply the product, and stays all day long! I never had any problems with the color moving from my eyebrow to another part of my face! Good point. 
Repurchase? Yes. And I already did, hihi!

* Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil in "Mohagony Red". I freaking love that stuff! It's the perfect color for my eyebrows, it's smooth, stays forever on, is so easy to use, but damn (because yes, there is a but.) it runs out of product so quickly! After a month, mine was already done... 
Repurchase? No.  I found eyebrow pencils with more products in them for the same price. Sorry, I loved you, but I have to move on!

* Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying powder, in n°52 "Vanilla". This is one of the best powder I have ever tried. I used it every day after I purchased it! It's not caky, it mattifies without looking dry, it leaves a nice natural finish, and it works it's magic for the whole day on your face!
Repurchase? Oh yes. I just did! It's really a great "every day" powder.

* Hema Eyebrow gel. It's a cheap and simple eyebrow brush with some very light product on it. It doesn't give much color, but it's nice to finish up your brow after you used a pencil.
Repurchase? Yes, but I really want to find a better one... 

* L'Oréal Color Riche nail polish n°885 "Aux Chandelles" Wax effect. Oh yes. I finished a nail polish, that doesn't happen often, I know! I mean, the bottle is quite small, but I'm also guilty of loving it too much! It's a very nude, neutral soft grey with a matte finish. It's good in summer, it's awesome in winter, it brings me life in spring, and it stays on my nails a good 3 days without chipping. I am a big fan. 
Repurchase? YES. A bit fat yes.

Face products
* Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream. I received a small size version as a gift in a pack, so I tried it on, and it was actually very good and brightening. I finished this small pot quite quickly, and was very pleased with it.
Repurchase? Yes I would love to (but it's a bit expensive for now!)

* The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet. I had talked about it when I just bought a few products of the "Vitamin E" range from the Body Shop in this article, and I really enjoyed using this as a moisturizer every morning. My make up went on very smooth after the application, it wasn't sticky, and i could feel that my face really enjoyed it. It's definitely more for the "warmer" months (in winter, I need something a little bit more powerful), but I would recommend giving it a try.
Repurchase? Yes (again, as soon as I have a bit more money!)

* The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing oil. I used it to take my makeup off and it did a nice job, I loved the fact that it has a pump but it was nothing that exciting. This product was so hyped on different blogs and on Youtube, I was expecting something great, but I mean, it's an oil that takes your makeup off. Groundbreaking. They all do that! So yeah, stick to a more budget-friendly coconut/olive oil if you want, you will not be missing out on this product. 
Repurchase? No, I'm fine with using other oils. 

* Garnier Micellaire Water for Sensitive Skin. Definitely an essential for me! I always need a micellar water to take my makeup off at night, and this one could actually be my favorite. It's gentile, leaves my skin clean, and doesn't hurt my eyes! 
Repurchase? Yes I would! An essential I'm telling you.

*Byphasse Solution Micellaire Démaquillante, sans paraben, peaux sensibles, sèches. I tried this micellaire water because I wanted to change it up, and yeah, it's a good one! You get quite a lot of products, it's paraben and alcohol free, it's an overall nice product! And not an expensive one!
Repurchase? Yes, why not. 

* La Roche-Posay Serozinc Solution. I love and need this product in my life! I usually get very red cheeks once the winter comes, and thanks to this product, I get it less! It's so easy to use, one or two "pschiiits" after the shower in the morning, and it keeps my skin under control, I don't know by what magic, but it's amazing. I hadn't used it for a few months, and I had to repurchase it. The other toners I used didn't compare to this!
Repuchase? Yes! And already did, it was definitely a priority for me. 

Body products
* Le petit Marseillais Huile sèche sublimante. Peaux très sèches. Karité, Amande douche, Huile d'argan. It leaves a beautiful glow on the skin, and smells like a mix of sensual and soft, what you would put on on a holiday in South of France. You can use it by itself of apply it after another moisturizer. It's not sticky at all, and it became one of my essentials during summer. It's also very easy to apply! Spray then rub it in! So simple! 
Repurchase? Yes. Already have!

* The Body Shop Body Butter in "Mango", 400ml. This was a very large pot... and I bought it because I LOVE The Body Shop body butters! They are so sooo moisturizing, they always have deals to make the products cheaper, and it nourishes my sensitive skin while leaving a beautiful smell on my body. So yeah, it took me a few months, but I finished this beautiful monster of a product! 
Repurchase? Yes. In another smell and in a smaller format to change things up

* The Body Shop Body Butter in "Papaya", 200ml. ... and yeah, I did got another one, and finished it in the meantime! A papaya smell! Very nice, different and perfect for the end of summer
Repurchase? Yes!

* The Body Shop Body Butter in "Blueberry" (Special Edition), 200ml. Another one. I really enjoyed this scent for winter!
Repurchase? Yes again! I think I'm a bit addicted!

* Ushuaïa Roll-on Deodorant, Hibiscus du Burkina Faso. The smell was very nice, fresh and feminine, but it was a very "basic" deodorant. It did the job, nothing mind blowing. 
Repurchase? No. I'll keep experimenting. 

Hair product
* Rich Hair Care Miracle Renew CC Shampoo. I received this smaller side product in one of my Birchbox, and I soon as I started to use it on my hair, I was actually impressed! I have very dried curly hair, and this gave them a nice glow! They were soft, smelled good, were bouncy and hydrated! I thought the whole "CC" was a gimmick, but they proved me wrong, I was definitely amazed.
Repurchase? Yes I would love to!

* Garnier Fructis Oil Repair 3 Hair Mask. I always like to do a hair mask before I wash my hair -I leave it in for at least 30minutes, dry-hair problems -, and this one was very good. I loved that it came in a big pot, you could just stick your hand in it and go for it. I was very pleased by the smell and by the texture! It was also very moisturizing, so no complain on my part!
Repurchase? No, I want to try other hair masks in the meantime. 

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