Monday, 30 January 2017

Eyeliner addict: the Kat Von D Ink Liner review

This is a very famous and hyped up eyeliner. A friend of mine was travelling to Northern America, and she kindly brought me back of the the Kat Von D Ink Liner in "Trooper" - I might have mentioned that it looked amazing and I wanted to try it so badly!-. Now it's actually available on Sephora in France (only online for now?) so it's gonna be easier to get! 
I'm so used to liquid eyeliner with a little brush, the applicator on the Kat Von D one is a bit harder than a brush, but is nice and pointy and not too thick - I never understood the point of a huge fat eyeliner tip -. You can achieve a very precise line! 

I usually am not a big fan of the "non liquid"/felt tip eyeliner, because I feel like the it dries so fast and I hate buying something that dries in 30days, I get so frustrated with it, but this one did not! This lasted me a good 4/5months before was dry. Impressive! 
It does not bleed on my eyelids, and I do have hooded eyes - it's often a problem with makeup -. It stays in place until I take my makeup off with oil at the end of the day. Every time I knew I was going to have a long day, or it was raining, or my eyes were particularly watery, I would use this product to do my winged eyeliner. It's very reliable

Swatch & water test!
I wanted to show you a little test that I did. I applied the eyeliner on my dry arm, let it set, and then ran my arm under cold water then warm water, and rubbed the product with my finger! 

As you can see on the first picture, it's nice and black, but definitely not the blackest eyeliner I have ever tried! On the second picture, you can see that I really rubbed it, and it still stayed on! Very good point.  

Pros (+)
+ It lasts forever and it's waterproof, does not transfer
+ Is nice and black
+ You can create a very sharp line
+ Does not dry out too fast
+ Very cool packaging

Cons (-)
- Hard to get your hands on
- A bit more expensive than a drugstore product
- When it gets a bit drier (after a month) can hurt your eyelids if you have sensitive skin


  1. Hey girl ! :)
    Be careful here, for the liner you've gotten is the Ink Liner, not the Tattoo Liner.
    Sephoras all over France have released Kat Von D by now (release date on Sat 28th of Jan) so it's pretty cool though I'm still disappointed they released only two eyeshadow palettes, and the most neutral ones with that. I would have love her Vida Loca palette for instance !

    Anyway, the Tattoo Liner and Ink Liner are really different. The Tattoo Liner has two colors (black and brown) and the Ink Liner has black, brown, white, navy and khaki colors. Having tried both (only swatched though), I do prefer the Ink Liner that is much, much blacker and lasts all day without fading a bit, like the Tattoo Liner did on my arm (kept the swatches for two days just for that purpose !).

    Well, hope I helped ! :D

    Tissam (

    1. Haha shit indeed it's the "ink" not the "tattoo" :D Oops! Thanks girl! (I got confused because the shade is also called "Trooper", but I guess that's maybe just her standard name for "black" :D)
      I'll change that straight away :D Hihi!

      But yeah, it's such a great one! Still a bit hard to get in Belgium though, French girls are so lucky to have Sephora *-* But I'll still find a way :D

      Anyhow, how is it going? Job and blogging and all? :)


  2. Bel article merci moi je suis nulle pour le trait d'eyeliner lol

    1. Merci :) Haha, le trait d'eyeliner, un entraînement de tous les jours :D Bisou

  3. Il est super cet eyeliner ! Je t'ai nominée pour le Liebster award sur mon blog :) N'hésites pas à venir voir ce que c'est :) Bisous