Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My experience in Šibenik #4 - Cetina springs

One Saturday morning, I receive a call from a Croatian friend, who sounded very excited: "We're going to the Cetina Springs,  I'm picking you up in 20minutes, pack your bag and get ready!". Wait what? Springs? Ok! And I didn't know at that moment that my Saturday was going to turn into one of the best days in Croatia! Indeed, the Cetina Springs are hidden gems, in the middle of nowhere, and I would recommend anybody visiting Croatia or even Bosnia to try to go have a look. It's unforgettable

The Cetina Springs are inland of Croatia, near the Dinara mountains, towards Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Put "Vrela Cetine" in your GPS for the springs, just next to the "Crkva Svetog Spasa" a beautiful 9th century church, if your gps doesn't find the springs directly. 
Distance wise, it's about: * 33km from Knin    * 65km from Šibenik   * 80km from Split
You will be sure to have arrived at the springs when you see a newer, smaller orthodox-style church. You can park there, take your stuff and go explore!
After this long drive (I would say around 1hour), we finally made it and my eyes and brain got blows again! Waw. Waw. What else to say. From the top of the hill we were parked at, we could see a magical vision of amazingly turquoise/light blue water coming from an endless hole in the earth. It looked like you could reach the centre of Earth from that abyssal opening! 
Try to put your foot in the beautiful cristallin water...
... but be careful, the water at 4/5°c, so super cold! I put my toes for a few seconds, my whole foot for literally 1second! Brr! Very very refreshing indeed! It's also a perfect spot for a picnic, you can put your drinks in the very cold water to keep them fresh! It's also a very quiet place. Not a lot of tourists/visitors are coming, even during July and August, no crazy roads nearby, nothing to disturb the peaceful feeling you have there. It's a nice natural adventure.
Crkva Sv. Spasa
If you have time after your visit/chilling time at the springs, walk a few km or drive 2 minutes to the "Church of Holy Salvation", Cetina, the famous "Crkva Svetog Spasa" that you will probably see in your GPS. Built in the 9th/10th century in a pre-roman style, this church is still standing with nice restoration works, which makes it exceptional for the region.

If you still have a bit of time after all that exploring, take your car and go visit the Knin Fortress in Knin (Kninska tvrđava to pronounce"Kninska tvérdjava"). It's free of charge to enter and you can visit the fortress, which is large, very high and impressive. The first traces of the building dates back from the 9th century, but the stage of the fortress is currently in was build during the 17th/18th century. There is also a bar up there, so you can stop for a little coffee or beer with a magnificent view on the whole city of Knin. 


  1. Coucou. J'ai réussi à comprendre pas mal de choses, lol, ça va, j'suis pas si nulle en Anglais. En tout cas très jolies photos. Bisous

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    1. Oui c'était vraiment à couper le souffle *-*

  3. Hello! La Croatie fait partie des pays qu'on a envie de visiter ces prochaines années, tes photos ne font que renforcer cette idée! Oh, by the way, j'adore ton blog et, à travers tes articles, on peut sentir que tu es une fille sympa et cool. Continue comme ça! Kiss!

    1. Owi vas y vas y, tu ne seras pas déçue. TOUT est trop magnifique *-* A fond les ballons! Haha merci pour ton ptit comm, ça m'fait plaisir :) Bisou!

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  5. That sounds so magical. Reminds me of my time in Croatia. The Cetina Springs was my favourite spot too. Loved every minute of my time there.