Monday, 26 September 2016

Baking challenge #2 - Homemade bounty bars

After having tried to make Brookies on my first baking challenge, I was intrigued by another recipe. 
I am a coconut lover, and the only chocolate bar that I was still buying in shops where Bounty bars. I love the creaminess of the inside, the coconut flakes, and the fact that after one or two bites, it's so thick that you're full, your craving for sweet/chocolaty things is fulfilled, and you can move on with the rest of your day! But I know it's really bad for you, and expensive for what it is. So I wanted to find an easy recipe for a homemade version of those sweet bars! Moreover, I bought a big bag of coconut flakes one day, and that bag has been sleeping in my kitchen for months, I needed to use it for something!

The recipes I found on the internet were all pretty similar; example1 example2shredded coconut (100grams), sweetened condensed milk (150grams), and some sort of dark chocolate (60grams). 
3 ingredients! That sounds easy! I love coconut, I love chocolate, let's go for it!
Step 1- Mix your shredded coconut and your condensed milk together until you achieve a sticky and firm texture. Be careful not to add too much condensed milk, otherwise it can get way too sweet.
Step 2- Form balls or elongated shapes with your fingers by compacting everything in your hand, and put them in the fridge overnight when you're happy with the shape! I fancied a smaller version of the original recipe.
Step 3- Melt your chocolate and coat your cold coconut balls with a thin layer of cacao yumminess. (that's where it went a little bit wrong with me... I don't have a microwave and my chocolate's temperature wasn't warm enough for me to be able to get a smooth coating).
Step 4- Put back in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Then try them! You can keep them for around a week.
Conclusion: easy to make but it takes at least 24 hours before you can eat them. So it requires patience. Tasty, and I like the fact that there's only 3 ingredients, and that doesn't require too many skills... you can make them with kids, that could be fun! In the end, I think it's a win, and I'll do it again!


  1. These look so delicious. On top of that they look easy to make too. Time to indulge my sweet tooth I think. Thanks for sharing this.