Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Essence VS Catrice: Who Will Win the Battle of the Black Eye Pencils?

My basic black eye pencil died a few days ago, and I wanted to find a new, cheap, reliable one. What I look for in a black eye pencil is the creaminess of the product, how black it is, and for how long it stays on my eye without smudging.  While at was shopping, I came across the Essence and Catrice counters, just next to each other, and their black pencils looked very similar, for around the same price (less than 3 €). I just went for it and bought them both, now, let's see which one is my favorite!
Catrice Long Lasting Eye Pencil Waterproof,  shade "010 New Kids On The Block".
Has a sharpener at the bottom of the pen, which is very handy.
You can remove it with micellar water. It's not waterproof, don't believe the label!
It's a nice pencil, basic, black, but does not stay on the eye very well, it turns more dark grey and will not stay on my waterline for the whole day. I use it when I don't want to spent the extra time taking off my make-up at night! 
Catrice on the left, Essence of the right
Catrice on the left, Essence on the right, after a finger swipe 
Essence Gel Eye Pencil Waterproof, shade "01 Black Blaze".
Automatic twist pencil.
You have to remove it with an oil based makeup remover, or with any type of oil.
It is so creamy. Ultra black, it does not move after it has dried on your skin. When I like my upper and lower waterline with it, it gives a very intense look, and I know it will stay all day long. It's a winner! And for that price, I wish I bought it in every color, and had purchase more black ones!

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  1. That will be a good battle but I think that the essence will be over the catrice. In my opinion and the experience essence has more darker and the better shade and color.