Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Sweet craving - healthier options

My cravings a week before that "ladytime" are crazy. I just want to destroy a whole Milka-Oreo chocolate bar and a huge creamy ice-cream. I need sweet things! But lately, I've decided to try to make healthier choices. We can always find better options out there, and then if you still go for a piece of cookie-chocolate, you'll know that it's not the only thing you've had and it will make you feel better about what's inside of your body! So here are some things I like to eat when that urge comes.

Fresh fruits. Bananas are one of my favorite. Choose them organic if you can, they are filling, delicious, and easy to carry around in your bag. Peaches are in season, apricots also, so enjoy your fresh fruits as long as summer is here! They will give you so much energy, and they're cheap!
Dry fruits. My favorite dried fruits are dates, bananas, figs and apricots! You can dry them yourself if you have the patience, but for now, I'm just buying mine. They are available in any health/organic shop, and are more and more frequent in regular supermarkets! easier to eat, very sweet and usually full of fibers.
Usually when I'm at home, I make some sort of snack, like my homemade museli cookies and protein balls, and they last me a whole week. Unfortunately, right now I'm not in my own kitchen, I don't have any ingredients to bake them, so I was on the look for something that I could take easily to work and that was clean and delicious. Jackpot.
Raw Bite bars. Literally just fruits and nuts. They are nice and chewy yet crunchy, full of flavors, and so easy to carry around with you. My favorite flavors are coconut and raw cacao, but I really want to try "spicy lime" and "cashew", I just need to find them!

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