Thursday, 28 July 2016

My experience in Šibenik #3 - Saturday in Zadar

On a very sunny weekend, we decided to go visit the city of Zadar in Dalmatia, located 90km north of Šibenik. Broke students that we are, we went by bus, which took around 1h45minutes to get there. Unfortunately, the Zadar coach station is outside of the city center, so you'll have to take a local bus - and pay 10 kunas -to reach the center. You will see that when you reached the historical centre, it's surrounded by fortified walls and many beautiful doors. You have arrived!
As an art and history lover, I could not be more excited to enter the beautiful city of Zadar. Indeed, some archaeological evidence show that the area of the city was inhabited since the prehistoric time. Then, through Antiquity, the Liburnians, Phoenicians, Greeks and other peoples made the city their home and/or their business centre.  And of course, there are the Romans. You can see their signature and their style all over the city. They started to arrive in Zadar around the 2nd century BC, then gradually invaded the region, until Zadar became an official Roman colony.
The most impressive architectural monument for me was the Church of Saint Donatus, that you can see on the first picture, built during the 8th and 9th century BC. It's a beautiful and impressive example of early medieval architecture in the region, it's splendid, huge,  powerful, simply amazing. 
I loved the overall feeling of the city. Compared to Split - which gets very busy and touristy during the season - Zadar is breathable, full of little parks  (like the Perivoj Kraljice Jelene Madijevke where you can have a drink, talk and chill) and ruins, not too busy, not too noisy.
When you go towards the far end of Zadar, you can reach the sea, and the amazing sea organ, created by the artist Nikola Bašić, that blew my mind. It sounded like a magical whale, it was so melodic, and staying there for a couple of minutes with your feel in the cool water was paradise. A peaceful, unique and beautiful experience, that I will always remember. You can definitely spend a nice full day in the city, and then continue on your trip down the beautiful dalmatian coast. Enjoy!

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