Sunday, 17 July 2016

My experience in Šibenik #2 - Sunday on Kornati Islands

So as you now, I'm now in Šibenik for 3 months, in Dalmatia, Croatia. Since the month of May, it has been a beautiful weather every single day. Sunny, a little brise, what summer is actually suppose to look like! In Brussels, it's always a struggle to reach even 20° in the middle of summer... I knew I had to enjoy every single minute of this beautiful weather in this beautiful country, so I was open to any opportunity of visit any site. 
For my second weekend in Croatia, the staff of the museum that I work at, the Šibenik City Museum, told me that we everybody was going to the Kornati islands trip organized by the museum on Sunday as a cultural experience, and of course, I was so excited to go along with them. I love the sea, it's definitely my element, and I'm always done to do something out of the ordinary. We left from Vodice, a beautiful town 15minutes away from Šibenik by car, 25minutes by bus. Kornati is a National Park, and a beautiful archipelago in the Adriatic Sea.
The boat trip is a 2, 2h30 hour journey to get to the main island. On the boat, it was very sunny, and windy. I had, of course, with my pale skin, to apply two layers of sun scream (SPF 50, always!) and keep reapplying it as soon as I felt the sun growing stronger. Indeed, the wind can trick your mind thinking it's not that hot, but the sun will burn you at every opportunity it gets!
With a 2 hours boat trip in front of you, it gives you time to zone out. You relax, admire nature and landscapes, have a little conversation with your friends, but some music on, read a book, anything that you would normally do on a Sunday afternoon... but in the middle of the sea!
After 1h30 hours of boat trip, we arrived near an island where 13 fireman tragically died there a few years ago. 13 large crosses made of stone are put where the tragedy happened. This fact is known by everybody in the region, and everybody on the boat respected a minute of silence to commemorate the event in front of this open-air memorial. This work of art and of remembrance was made by the dalmatian artist and architect Nikola Bašic, and is called Field of Crosses; Fallen Firemen Memorial.
The boat then stopped on one of the main Kornati island, and everybody could get off the boat. The landscape was so beautiful, so pure, so untouched. We then followed a Croatian archaeologist up the hill, and discovered the remains of a monastery. The climb up was a work out, but it was worth it! The view was spectacular, the architectural remains were fascinating, and I felt so good up there, on the top of the Kornati world! 
Little sneaky selfie!
We enjoyed a few hours on that island, some people with young children or older people stayed down, near the beach, we all had an exceptional time, and the boat journey back was calmer, everybody had so many beautiful images in their eyes, and we all relaxed until the arrival to Vodice harbor. It was a magical day, and I will recommend anybody to have Sunday like this if they have the opportunity

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