Friday, 27 May 2016

Visit of the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken - Serres Royales de Laeken, Bruxelles

What are the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken? 
During 3 weeks in spring - in 2016 it was from the 15th of April until the 6th of May - the King of Belgium open the doors of his private gardens and greenhouses to the public. So if this article makes you want to go visit them next year, put it in your 2017 agenda, and don't forget to check the exact dates, because it changes every year.
The greenhouses are part of the Royal Park, and the King, Queen and their children actually live in this property all year round, so it does feels very special and intimate when you enter the premises.
Location & entrance. The site is in Brussels so it's accessible by public transport (STIB) or by car. The address is "Château de Laeken, Avenue du Parc Royal, 1020 Bruxelles/Laeken". If you come by car, don't worry for the parking, there is a lot of space for you do park. After leaving the car, we had to queue for a good 30 minutes before entering the precinct of the Royal Palace and its park, because they were doing very intense security checks on every single person entering. Of course, it was very understandable considering what happened in Brussels a few weeks ago, so we were patient with the whole situation. 
The entrance price is very cheap, only 2,50 per person, which is very nice. 
My experience. I was very lucky with the weather (the week after that was horrible grey cold rain, so I'm so glad I visited when I did!). The sun was shining, the sky was beautiful blue, and it was not too hot, not too cold. If you are a bit afraid to go because of the heat in the greenhouses, don't you worry about that, it's never too hot. Moreover, they offer free water points throughout the visit, so you can drink a glass of fresh water if you need to. 

You first go through a part of the outside gardens and park. It feels very intimate and you can imagine yourself as a rich lady strolling through her property in a beautiful down. One of my favorite part was the view of the Japanese tower. It was so romantic and picturesque!
Inside the greenhouses, the nature is amazing, and plants and flowers coming from all over the world make you feel like you're traveling through space. The greenhouse with plants coming from Congo was closed for restauration, and I'm sure I'll come back next year to admire what they did.
Visiting the other greenhouses was amazing. The compositions of flowers, the amazing skills of the expert landscapers surprises you every time you walk in a new space.  The abundance of colors, kinds of plants, plays on hight is magical. 
This experience was so enjoyable for art lover, because it mixed a lot of different and beautiful form of art. It is also one of the best exemple of "Art Nouveau" architecture using iron and metal, that were new materials at that time. It's grand, classy, impressive, delicate, strong, and so esthetic.
The Laeken Greenhouses were designed the mind of Alphone Balat, a Belgian architect mentor of the very famous Victor Horta. This is his masterpiece, and it never ceased to amaze the previous generations, and will definitely do the same for the future ones. 
At the end of the visit, they put up a pop-up cafeteria, with very high quality products for not-so-expensive price. You can enjoy a Van Dender muffin or other pastry with a coffee while still staying in the last greenhouse, surrounded by so much beauty. This visit relaxed my mind, and satisfied my eyes and all my other senses. It was magical, beautiful, so special, and made me proud of being a Belgian citizen, which doesn't happen often!
I, without a doubt, recommend this visit to everybody that enjoys nature, quite time and culture! Go for it in 2017! 


  1. C'est super joli comme endroit, il faudrait que j'aille y faire un tour lorsque j'irai à Bruxelles :)

    1. Ouiiii, n'hésite pas pour le printemps prochain :D

  2. C'est vraiment très joli ! ça donne très envie d'aller visiter :)

    1. Oh j'suis contente ^-^ Si tu peux, prévoie définitivement pour l'année prochaine, c'est magique :D