Tuesday, 31 May 2016

First little DM drugstore haul

I moved to the city of Šibenik in Croatia at the beginning of the month of May 2016, and I'm going to stay there for an internship until the beginning of August. Because of the 20kg limitation of my plane luggage, I had to buy a lot of basic "beauty bits" here... And thanks all the Gods - ancient greeks, romans, Vikings, anything -, there is the DM brand here! DM is a German drugstore that sells cosmetics, healthcare, some food, etc. I love this shop, I could stay in there for hours looking at everything. They have brands that we cannot find in Belgium, and some very random products! But I stayed a good girl, and mostly picked stuff I really needed. Let's have a look!
* Aussie Repair Miracle. We don't have the brand Aussie in Belgium, but I felt in love with it! The packaging is super cute and funny, the products are so rich and reliable, and the smell, the smeeell! It's like smelling a cloud of perfection. Sweet, fruity, creamy, ah, it's the best! I needed a hair conditionner, and this one is very nice for my dry hair attacked by the sun.

* Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo. I always need to have a dry shampoo with me, because washing my hair is a whole process, and sometimes, I just don't have time! This one smells also very nice, it does the job, but not as well as the Batiste ones I have to say. After using it, the hair feel fresh, but that feeling and look does not lasts the whole day.

* Byphasse Solution Micellaire Démaquillante. I wanted to try this one because it said it was for sensitive and dry skin, which is my skin type. I also love that it's a huge bottle because I use micellar water at least once a day, to take off my makeup, or to refresh my skin.

* Balea Heat Protector Spray. It was very cheap, and a heat protector is a must have for me. Indeed, two or three days after I washed my hair, I like to re-work my curls using a curling iron. A heat protector is essential, and this one does the job! I also like the smell, it's very fresh, sweet and summery.

* Maybelline Color Tattoo 24h in "Crème de rose". Nice, natural and matte! So smooth, and it really lasts a the whole day, even under heat, with sweat and everything! It's a very subtle, pretty color on my pale skin, and you can use it as a base for other eyeshadows.

* Maybelline Color Tattoo 24h "Bad to the Bronze" It's so easy, pigmented, and a beautiful shimmery finish. I apply it with my finger, and it gives a glamorous look in an instant. I'm so excited to play around with this one.

* Green Line Protein Cappuccino bars. I was very intrigued by those bars, and I bought two to try them. Oh-my-god, I love them. I usually eat one once a week as a snack after a long day of physical work, and it's such a nice, rich, tasty bar. I love that it's all plant based, and full of good nutrition. It's a healthy option for me when I'm craving something chocolaty and in a bar form.


  1. I loooooove DM! Since I moved to Germany, it's my favorite shop ever :D I'm happy it could save your life ;)

    1. I could spent my lifetime in a DM, it's so good :D

  2. Hi girl !
    I've never known if you'd like comments in French or in English so English it is !
    Wow those are some nice purchases you know ! If I could go to a DM store I'd definitely purchase soooo many Balea things like handcreams, body mists... Anything that'd smell great would be mine ! Also I'd get makeup, makeup, MAKEUP ! Although I've never known of a Maybelline Color Tattoo in Crème de Rose whereas I've gotten pretty much every shade they have, even the American ones that we don't have over here ! I'll be expecting a review ! ;)

    Have the nicest day !
    Tissam (of www.tissamestla.com)

    1. Haha! Yeah, English, French, whatever you feel :D You're gonna laugh, after that article, I actually went back to the DM... and bought a Balea body mist and a body moisturizer haha! I couldn't help myself!
      True I want to try so much makeup, my current mascara is drying up so it could be a good excuse to try something new! The Color Tatto in Crème de Rose (and Crème de Nude) are the newest of the range I think.. I will of course review it :)
      Thanks for your comment ^-^

  3. Bonsoir,
    Nus avons beaucoup à Bruxelles, mais pas cette marque.
    Tu as la même peau que moi, très sensible !
    C'est un gros problème, elle ne supporte rien avec du parfum.
    Mon eau micellaire, c'est Bioderma peau sensible, je l'aime beaucoup.
    Bonne soirée.

    1. Oui la Bioderma est super bien pour les peaux sensibles! Et celle que j'ai acheté et DM est très bonne aussi pour le moment, ne pique pas et ne fais pas réagir ma peau :) Rha c'est ennuyant parfois d'avoir la peau sensible, n'est-ce pas :D
      Bonne soirée ^-^