Monday, 2 May 2016

BH Cosmetics + Carli Bybel = gorgeous palette

Who is Carli Bybel? She is a beauty and lifestyle youtuber, and I have been following her videos for a little more than a year now, and I do really like her. She is beautiful, so stunning it's almost unreal, but she also seems like a genuine nice person, who cares about her viewers, and aspire to be inspirational. I love watching her videos not necessarily to recreate her makeup - way too much for me - but just to listen to her advice on beauty and life and to laugh with her when she does a tag video with her boyfriend. She's such a beautiful human being and when she announced she was collaborating with BH cosmetics to create her own palette, I was very intrigued.  
What tempted me to buy her palette?
It looked like a very complete palette suitable for my brown eyes, for an every day look, but the extra something that made me order it was that 4 highlighters included. I am a huge, huge fan of a good shimmer on my cheeks, and even though I will probably only going to be able to use the two paler shades, the two other ones can be used also as beautiful shiny eyeshadows.
Moreover, can we talk about the price? It is out of this world?! What? ... for a collaboration with a famous youtuber, 14 shadows and highlighters, and great quality? How? How is that possible? Well, it is, so let's enjoy it!
Shipping coasts very low, even to get it from the US to Belgium, and on the website it said it would take around 10 to 20 days for international shipping.. It was in my mailbox after only 6 days!
My thoughts on the palette: 
She really mastered the matte shades. At first glance they can look like simple nude colors, but they are so complimentary to my skin and eyes, they work so well with each other, they made me fall in love with the palette. They are not your usual boring browns, they have an extra something that will make all the difference! A little mauve, purple, plum undertone. Beautiful.
The shimmery shades are nice, but not extraordinary. They are definitely not the showstopper of the palette. The highlighters, however, are gorgeous and very pigmented. The lightest shades is the one that attracted me the most at first, with its pink undertone that matches my skin tone and gives it a nice glow, but the second lightest shade grew on me! It's so pretty and golden for summer, it weirdly compliments my freckles! I love it! 
It makes for a girly, pretty, and sexy palette! A lot of product for your money, and good product.

For you I created a very daytime makeup look with that palette. I used an eyeshadow primer, and then played with all the matte shades of the palette. The result is flattering, soft and romantic. The highlight on my cheek is a mix of the two lighter shades. I love how those colors, used very subtly here, bring out the warm tones in my brown eyes. 


  1. Jolies couleurs, maquillage très naturel :-)

    1. Merci! :) Oui j'adore cette palette pour un petit maquillage de jour subtil hihi! :)