Thursday, 14 April 2016

Top 5 - Favorite Beauty YouTubers

Why beauty YouTubers? 
Because let's be honest, I'm always on my phone. So why not use it when I'm in the mood to watch something entertaining? Youtube on my phone is very convenient and I love watching a video - or more - while I get myself ready in the morning. It's there, easy to use, you can quickly follow the youtuber you're interested in and never miss a video. The people you watch become part of your every day life. You laugh with them, you get emotionally connected to their personal stories, you get great makeup and skincare tips from them, it's sometimes the only reason I'm gonna smile or laugh that day! I really like some youtubers and I wanted to share their channel with you, in case you needed a bit of fresh air in your life at the moment!
Top 5 a.k.a I cannot wait for their next video and as I watch all their videos during various binge-watching sessions
* Zoe from Zoella and MoreZoella        
I only started watching her videos quite late, because I knew she was one of the biggest UK youtubers, and I was a bit reluctant. I thought she was going to be a very business oriented annoying little girl. Actually, she turned up to be the opposite. I love her accent and the way she talks, you can tell she is a very clever girl, her makeup looks and very relatable and beautiful, she cares about her subscribers - she did 24days of Zoella and vlogmas in December 2015, it was amazing - , and she is a very cute and creative woman. She also talks about her anxiety and panic attacks that are unfortunately a big part her life, and is very candid about those issues. On a lighter note, she also loves baking like me, and her creations always look amazing and delicious! I do love a good baking video from her!
An amazing makeup artist she collaborated with Becca to create the amazing highlighter "Champagne pop" - with an over the top/funny/endearing personality! She is so creative, daring with the looks that she does, I learnt very valuable tricks from her! She's full of surprises and energy, she can bust a move or pull a crazy face any moment, and you can see she's not trying to be anything else than herself. Love!
She has an unusual beauty, talked about dealing with frizzy hair as a child - I can relate so much.. the struggle is real! - and lives a very blessed life in London. She is very honest in her products reviews, shares a lot in her series with Viviannadoesmakeup called "Beauty Chat", and her vlogs are amazing! She has the life you wish you could have - eating at great places in London, going away with a group of close friends, no real struggle - but at the same time, she stays a reliable girl and can be very moody, critical or chilled. She is also always pushing herself to created better/different content and I do really appreciate that.  She also has very good taste in nail polishes, which is one of my guilty pleasure as well! 
Love her Miami/cuban accent, she is a natural beauty and her channel is a mix of beauty review, tutorials, unboxing and personal stories. Her "Kat Chats" are some of my favorite videos on youtube, because they are very candid, funny, entertaining, emotional and interesting at the same time!

She's a big personality and is such a sweet sensitive woman. So reliable as a plus size girl with a very feminine style, she finds humour in the darkest and craziest situations. She is also a wonderful mother to her daughter Darcy, she embraces her flaws and talks about human relationships in a very true way. Also one of Zoella's best friend, the videos they filmed together are little gems.   

Previous favorites a.k.a a change in their personality/content made me fall out of love with them

Estée Lalonde, previously "Essie Button". Everything is said... She changed her name and re-branded herself as soon as she hit 1 million subscribers, and since then, I really do miss the funny, goofy, crazy, pretty, genuine, relatable Essie Button.
Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup. I still like her, but her videos just got a bit boring really. Obviously I can understand that when you do youtube and blogging for a living, it comes a time when you need to step away for a few months to find inspiration again but you can't because you still have to produce content, so I'm continuing to hope that she's gonna surprise me one day! 
Melanie Murphy. Funnily enough, I got addicted to youtube through her a few years ago. I randomly watched one of her Primark haul, which was one of her first video, and than discovered her tips and stories about food, healthy lifestyle and skin problems. She had a fast rise in the youtube community, and has definitely lost her spontaneity. You can see that the image she wants to project is not who she really is, she tries a bit too hard, but I still have faith in her! I still click on her videos in the hope of something more true from time to time - and to hear her fabulous Irish accent - , and I hope one day I'll love her back as much as when I first started watching her. 

I'm sure my taste will still evolve and change with time and content propose by different people, I will update if I find another all-time-favorite beauty youtuber!


  1. Personally, my favourite youtuber is Chyaz. She's so down to earth. And I also love Kiera Rose and Helen Anderson :)

    1. Oh I don't know Chyaz, I'm gonna go check it out right now, thanks! And true, I also like Helen Anderson very much, but she didn't quite made it in my top 5 hihi! Sammi (the beautycrush) was also very close! <3

  2. Hi ! I discovered lot of new youtubers thanks to u ! So thank you ! :D

    1. Ow great! Thank you! Let's be addicted to youtube together :D

  3. Coucou
    Pardon je ne maitrise pas assez l'anglais pour t'écrire dans cette langue donc je vais le faire en français ;)
    Sur youtube j'apprécie beaucoup TheFrenchWay qui fait des vidéos en français et certaines en anglais , je ne sais pas si tu la connais...
    A très vite

    1. Coucou! Ne t'inquiètes pas, le français me convient tout à fait :D Je ne connais pas TheFrenchWay, mais je vais aller regarder ça tout de suite! J'adore découvrir des nouvelles chaînes, ça nourrit mon addiction :D
      Bisou et merci du conseil!