Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Cake pops!

I always thought cake pops looked so cute and delicious, but they seemed too tricky to make. However last year, I stumble upon a recipe that looked so simple that I had to try it! It was an amazing success, all my friends loved them, and when I was asked to make a little dessert for Christmas, I knew that cake pops would be the way to go! 
What? Cake pops for Christmas? Yeah... I know some people are going to think that it's nonsense, but in my family, we have the longest Christmas dinner ever, we often end up starting the selection of cheeses at 2am, so around 3am, nobody is ready for a big slice of cake! And cake pops are beautiful, festive, colorful, and can be eaten in a bite

So here's the recipe. If you want to make them, you have to be patient. It's not a complicate recipe, but the time between steps can be quite long.

First things first, you are going to need a cake. A basic, buttery, classic cake. You can bake one (I made a "quatre-quarts"/"pound cake", the simplest recipe in the world: flour, sugar, butter, eggs ) or, if you're naughty/in a rush, buy one. Let your cake to cool until it's completely cold. Then, crumble your cake in a large container and fold in some mascarpone (around 250grams). Mix everything together with your hands, and you will start to see that a dough is forming. It's shouldn't be too try or too wet. At that moment, you can even taste the cake mix, and add some vanilla extract or cinnamon powder if you like. Continue mixing until the dough is smooth, then form balls with it. Don't make then too large otherwise they are harder to keep on a stick. Put all your dough ball on a plate, and choose your chocolate. I prefer using dark chocolate or a mix of dark and milk chocolate. I love white chocolate by itself, but it might be a little bit too sweet for this recipe. Melt a little amount of dark chocolate, tip your stick in melted chocolate then stick them into the dough balls. The chocolate will act like glue between the stick and the cake balls. Put everything in the fridge for at least an hour. When that hour is passed, melt a bigger amount of chocolate in a bowl, and if necessary, add a little bit of warm water to it to form a smooth runny melted chocolate. Prepare also a bowl full of sprinkles (you can use different sorts at the same time and mix them together). Take a "naked" cake pop out of the fridge, dip it in the chocolate, take off the excess with a tea spoon, then dip it again in the sprinkles. Let is rest on a new plate. Start again! When all your cake pops are fully decorated, put them in the fridge for at least another hour and a half.  

Memo recipe: - cake - crumble - mascarpone - balls - sticks - fridge- chocolate&sprinkle - fridge. 

Result: a crunchy outside and a creamy, sweet, delicious inside. Usually, I prepare an average of two cake pops per person, but if you make too many of them, I'm sure they will be eaten at some point by one of your sweet-toothed guest or by yourself! If you put them in the fridge - head down- , they can conserve for 2-3 days without any problem. Enjoy those colorful treats!


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    1. Toute ma famille avait adoré, ça fait plaisir <3 Essaye un de ces jours :D