Thursday, 10 September 2015

Fresh start - What's in my bag?!

I just changed my spring/summer bag for a more automnal option. I found my current bag at Pimkie . I rarely go there but I was pleasantly surprised by them autumn collection! I love the dark red colour and the texture than the fringes give. It's a bit smaller than what I would usually go for, but all my essentials fit in, impressively! What essentials you ask me? Well, let me show you everything I need to survive every time I walk/travel/stroll in Brussels. 

Urban survival kit
* Water. My little 33cl Vittel bottle of water. I need water. All day long. I'm like a plant! It reassures me to have something that I can drink always with me. I just have to! 
* Music. In the urban jungle, my Ipod is a necessary item. I cannot leave the house without it, and if I found out that there is no more battery on it when I'm already outside/on the bus/in the metro, I can cry. Literally. 
* Wallet. Mine is from Subdued. It is a very "teenage girl" shop, but you can find some fun pieces for a very small price! I fell in love with that hologram wallet, bought it, and loved it ever since. 
* Phone. I recently bought this Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Plus Black. No complains at all! My old one was so annoying and buggy, this came as a miracle for my sanity! It's reliable, big, nice, good price for a smartphone, and it's my new portable friend! 
The weird green thing underneath my phone on the picture is my funny sock, which is used as a phone protector for now! Beautiful and useful phone cases are so hard to find, and somewhat I find them very expensive for what they are... But I can't use that sock forever, so I might stroll through Esty to see how big the temptation is. 
* Lip balm. Nothing worst than having dry lips and nothing to moisturise them with. I have very sensitive skin, and those two Labello lip balm sticks can save them for a few hours. I really like the red Guave tube, because it gives a bit of colour and flavour, but the blue Hydro Care is very nice as well. 
* Tissues. To blow your nose, to throw away your chewing gum, all those nice glamorous things.
* Keys. So you can go back home! My key holder is a gift from a friend, and that little disney mermaid is so beautiful, I'm so glad to have it protecting my keys!
* Pain killer. You never know when that metro journey is gonna be too long, and that head is going to start to hurt, especially during that time of the month for girls.. I always carry with me at least one Neurofen.
* Coins. I got my cute rubber bat coin purse from H&M, but they don't sell it anymore, unfortunately. My coins used to always be on the bottom of my bag, and I'm trying to be consistent with my organisation not. Put. The. Coins. In. The. Purse! You can do it! If I can, everybody can.
* Hand sanitiser. Very essential after any public transport journey. Mine is a little bottle of "Merci Handy" in Black Vanilla. It smells nice - very rare thing for a hand cleansing gel - and you feel so much better after you used it.
* Hair tie. If you have long frizzy/curly hair like me, you know how the rain can ruin everything in a few seconds. I always carry a hair tie with me in case of humidity, or if it's gonna get really hot throughout the day. Put it all up in a cute ponytail or on a side braid, you'll be relieved!
* A pen. You want to give your email to somebody, sign a document, draw something because you're bored? Bam. You need a pen. 

Glam up' essentials
* A portable mirror. How can you do anything - check, apply, reapply, contemplate - without a small mirror nearby?! On this one is depicted a piece of Seurat's "Circus", an stunning paining that I love. Museum shops are always full of little treasures like that. 
* Powder. I love the Bourjois Compact Powder Silk Edition in n°51 "Porcelain". I'm trying to go easy on the powder, but when you have a shiny T zone, you better have something in your bag to mattify all of that! This one is very nice and soft, and it has a great mirror! Always good to check is everything is still looking ok. 
* Perfume. I always like to carry a little perfume sample in my bag, in case I forgot to put something on in the morning. This one is the YSL Black Opium , a beautiful, womanly scent. Yummy. 
* Lipsticks. I often carry one or two shades of lipsticks to apply on the go if I have to meet up with some friends after a more serious/boring meeting, or something like that. My favorite of all time - yes, I said of all time - are the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. Super über long lasting, beautiful application, the finish is out-of-this-world amazing, and the colour selection is to die for. Right now I'm carrying the shades n°05 "Olé Flamingo" and n°10 "Don't pink of it".
* An old liquid eyeliner. Okay, this is not an "essential" essential, but sometimes, you just want to touch up that wing! A used eyeliner can save a makeup crisis in a second! I took my old Bourjois Liner Pinceau in n°32 "Noir beaux-arts". Always very black and reliable.
* A tiny bit of make up remover. I received a sample of the SVR Rubialine Micellar Water when I bought a parfume, and I thought it was a good idea to keep it in my bag, in case of really crazy emergency - if you cried for whatever reason and you still have a few hours to go before going home, this would be good to just take all of your make up off. Tough times... 

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