Thursday, 6 August 2015

The best makeup item I ever bought

I first heard of that product on the internet. It was - and often still is - on every beauty Youtuber's favorite cheek product. The result after they used it was so stunning on them. However, I weirdly thought that brand was not sold in Belgium - as isn't Soap and Glory! But one day, I went to the beauty store "Di" to simply buy shampoo, and I saw  whole range of theBalm products!. I could'nt help myself and went to have a look. There it was, the Mary Lou Manizer powder highlighter. The packaging was cheeky, fun and beautiful. However, I was hesitant to put around 20 for a makeup item, especially a powder. It was pricy for my little budget. So I swatched it in the stores at least 4 times in a row. Then I finally bought it a month later. It was just too beautiful

When I first used it, I knew I would not regret that buy. It's a strong, perfect color and amazing formula highlighter. You feel like Marie-Antoinette when you apply it! I love my cheekbones, and that champagne-honey-peachy-metallic-whimsy luminizer found its home on my cheekbones.
I know you're suppose to use a fan brush to apply this kind of powder, but I don't personally own one, and a blusher brush will do if you know how to control it!
I also use as an eyeshadow when I want a simple glittery pop on the eye, without going full-on daytime smokey eye or anything. It's also very nice in the inner corner of the eye. Very sultry and sexy.
Moreover, now that strobing is a trend, this bold and not-that-subtle powder will help you pull off that look for sure. It found its home in my everyday makeup bag, I reach for it so often that  it became my cheek's best friend. Shine away my friend, shine in this world! 


  1. Wow I have just taken pics to make an article about this little beauty here haha !
    It's sooo beautiful and I honestly don't regret making this purchase ;)
    Bisous !


    1. It's crazy how good it is... I always go back to this highlighter after testing out other ones.. Cheekbones on fleek!