Saturday, 1 August 2015

Salad to Sandwich

Aaaah summer... A nice brise, the sun, a simple lunch outside, holidays... I don't know for you, but for me, food is an important part of my holiday plan! For lunch, I like something simple, easy to do, fresh, a yummy. After a morning strolling through the market or enjoying a magazine, it's time to fill that belly.

A good, healthy, rich salad can sometimes translate into a beautiful, moist, flavorful sandwich! The illustrated example of salad-sandwich deliciousness is a beetroot-cheese combo!
I buy my beetroot in an already cooked form. They come in a plastic packaging, and you can just drain - or drink - the juice and cut your beetroots in slices or cubes. Because it's a sweeter-than-normal veggie, don't forget to add salt and pepper to your salad! A nice drizzle of olive oil and of cider vinegar will complete your salad. 
For cheese, you can choose a goat cheese - always nice and crumbly, or, a soft pâte cow's milk cheese, as I did in this picture. It was a regional cheese called "Chaource" - not too hard, not too new, very creamy and rich in flavors. You can start by eating your salad, then make a sandwich out of leftovers, or go straight for the sandwich option. 

In a nice cereal baguette, the moisture of the beetroot is absorbed by the bread, and the richness and creaminess of the cheese adds a level of heaven. You can also elevate your sandwich by adding some raw spinach leaves, and enjoy it with a nice regional pressed apple juice - if it's lunch time - or a nice bottle of wine - if you made those sandwiches as starters for dinner -. 
More filling than just a salad, it will tie you over for a few hours. 

Other ideas
* Juicy Tomatoes - Mozzarella - Green Pesto
* Sweet Potatoes - Red Bell Peppers - Sun dried Tomatoes - Vegetable Sprouts
* Avocados - spinach leaves - boiled eggs 
* Any salad with juicy vegetables and soft and creamy additions to your veggies.


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