Friday, 28 August 2015

My rating of nail polish brands

I've been painting my nails for years... at least a good 10 years. When you start to get into nail polishes, you are just looking for the coolest shades! Then, as the time goes by, the quality of the polish becomes very important. The formula can make a break your love for that little bottle of paint. During those years, I tried a lot of different nail looks, and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on particular nail polish brands. I chose the ones I have been using for years to give them a fair trial. I am currently trying some other brands, but my opinion is not formed yet. My criterias were colour  - application & payoff - and durability. Of course that opinion of the brand is a general, some specific colour can be disappointing once in a while, but this is my average score according to my experience. 

++ First place, oh. yeah!
Essie. The longest lasting on my nails. Kind of pricy - around 12€ a bottle - but always a great investment. They have fashionable colors, amazing pale weird shades that I love, you can count on them for a nice present to yourself or to a friend that you care about. I never regretted anything that I bought from them, and I finished a lot of their nail polishes, because they were so reliable and the colour payoff was really beautiful. I need moooore

L'Oreal. Color Riche Le Vernis. Almost half of the amount of Essie's product in a bottle, but also half of the price! I like to be able to buy two quality nail polishes for the price of one!
Their fantasy top coats are out of this world! Glitters, different effects (matte-paint-crack...), confettis of colours...and the colour payoff after the application of one or two coat of products is so great! Easy to take on holiday on in your purse, I am obsessed with that brand. 

+ Good ones!
Opi. Not bad! The formulation of the Opi nail polishes is a little watery for me, and it usually means it will not last for that long on my nails, but they still hold on to them pretty well. On the down side, their pots are huge! Not my cup of tea. But I really like the texture of the black handle that provides it to be slippery and to mess up your application. All over nice

They changed the brush and now the application is so easy! You have to give it to Bourjois to always try to be and do better! The formula of those "so laque glossy" polishes is different to any other polish I've used. It dries so quickly and the finish is beautiful, shiny and strong. It almost looks like you already have a top coat on! Very nice, and the colour selection is so beautiful, full of bright/pale/intense colours. 

+- So so.
They are so cheap! Moreover, the colour range is very wide, and depending on the colour and texture you chose, they can last for a good amount of days. However sometimes, they can be fragile. It depends on the one you buy, you can never be really sure. I like to experiment with colors, so when I don't really want to invest in an expensive product and just try it out, I usually go for a Hema nail vanish.

- Meh.
Topshop Nails. Topshop has beautiful trendy colours. They apply nice and opaque. However, even with a good topcoat, they never last more than two days without chipping on my nails. Disappointed. 

Nails Inc. Maaaaan. It. does. not. last. on. me. It always chips on me on the day I applied the nail polish, even with 2 or 3 layers of product. It's so sad because the only color I have from that brand is this beautiful Klein blue, it's vibrant and amazing, but I cannot count on it. Too bad. 

I hope this can be useful to you, and see you next time for more nails stories! 


  1. Very cool and informative post! I also see that the "long lasting" of a nail polish depends on a good base coat. I use Microcell 2000 and it is the best I have ever bought. I can put whatever on top of it and it will last at least a week. And I never use topcoat.

    I agree, Essie is one of the best. I also like Essence, very cheap, but I do not think they sell it here. I am not impressed with Catrice and I agree with you on Opi - it is too watery and definitely too big. I prefer smaller bottles so I can use them fast and buy new ones, hehe. My least favorite is Dior. They are way to expensive for what they offer. I have two and they became thick only after a few months of use. Never buying it again even thought they have some very nice colours coming up this fall.

    1. Oh yeah, I want to try out Microcell 2000 so badly! Do you know if they sell it in Belgium?!

      Dior, yeah..; I've heard that they were horrible! Chanel as well! And they're like 25euros! Crazy!

      Thanks for your recommendation girl <3

    2. I would not know if they sell it here. Maybe try at Di, Kruidvat or even Inno. If not, I will be back home in October and I can bring you one if you wish ;)