Thursday, 20 August 2015

Mascara review: The Rocket

I'm always on the look for an amazing, affordable, volumizing and lengthening, non-running mascara. Who isn't?!
My incredible "Bourjois Volume 1 seconde waterproof" mascara was drying up, so I decided to look for that Maybelline "The Rocket" Volum' Express mascara. It was on so many blogger and youtuber's "favorite drugstore mascaras" list. In the Maybelline aisle, I had a hard time finding it. It was on the last row, so I guess it's a pretty old launch.
The packaging, however, is really nice! Cool name, bright royal blue, with a hint of turquoise color, nice, thick and girly! I decided to buy it in the waterproof version - my eyes can get quite watery when it's windy or too sunny -.

With - Without

The application.. yeah.. It just didn't impress me... The brush is big but the bristles are so short! I couldn't apply only one coat. I really hard to work with the brush, it's not my favorite mascara on the planet, that's for sure. Not that much volume or length after two coats of product. Meh. It was around 12 , I would consider it to be a basic mascara, not worth the hype, and will not purchase it again. 


  1. I love your eyes. So pretty :-) xxx

    1. Oh thanks girl! Your beautiful blue ones are something as well! Damn! Kisses!

  2. Je n'ai pas la version waterproof mais la version basique et je ne l'ai pas du tout aimé c'est un total flop pour moi :
    1- aucun volume
    2- n'allonge pas
    3- il ne sèche pas sur mes cils donc bonjour l'effet panda

    Bref je partage sur ton avis en ce qui concerne le tapage autour de ce mascara, je ne comprend pas non plus ...

    1. Tu résumes parfaitement bien la situation! Ce mascara.. ne sert à rien :D Je crois que je l'ai utiliser 2 mois (et c'était vraiment pas fun) puis je l'ai balancé pour quelque chose de tellement mieux! :)