Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Hot summer + long hair.

When it gets hot outside, my hair becomes really annoying. I love to wear my hair down, loose, I feel like it suits me more than when it's up. I'm always scared to put my hair fully up, because my face is huge! I don't really want to look like the moon walking down the street, with a little bun or ponytail on top of my moon-head!

My three rules for when it gets hot:
- Clear the back of your neck
- Free your forehead - bobby pins and breads are your friends -
- Put some kind of product on your hair (mousse, oil, spray) if you are prone to frizz! Sweat is a traitor!
After that, what a relief! This time, I decided to do a side ponytail embellished with some braids and a bow. Yeah, I like to be fancy like that once in a while!


The process:
1- Curl the ends of my hair with my curling wand. Not too much, not for too long, just so that they would have movement.
2- Start a messy plated braid on the edges on the side of your hair where your side ponytail will not be. Continue braiding the edge until you can reach where the elastic holding your ponytail together will be.
3- Take a small section of your hair on the side where your ponytail will be, and braid it as you wish (french braid, fishtail braid...). It helps to control the shape of your hair if you have rebellious hair, but it's mostly decorative.
4- Tie everything up with a strong elastic.
5- Cover up the basic elastic with a nice accessory - flower, bow, feather... The one I used is from H&M, but you can obviously use anything you want, or even make it!

Then you can accessorize your ears with a bright earrings if you feel a bit bear. I always wear two different earrings, but go with what you feel like!
And you're good to go!

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