Friday, 3 July 2015

Too many shades of blue? Nail polish idea

Sometimes, you should take advantage of being a nail polish hoarder. I have a lot of the same color in different shades, because I'm always looking for that perfect one. I'm also obsessed with blue nails, which constitutes a big part of my collection. For this post, I carefully chose a small selection of blues, from light to dark, in order to do a simple but original gradation of color when you look at the hand as a whole. There is also a gradation technique by nail, but I will explain that in another post. 

The principle is quite simple. You paint your little finger with the lightest color, and you finish by putting the darkest on the thumb. It is more flattering that was, the other way around (light thumb/dark pinky) just looks a bit odd for my taste. Easy, different, it looks like so made so much effort whilst you are just using you shopping addiction wisely. 
You can also add an extra step of adding a top coat with glitter, dots or little stars to unify your nails, but it's not vital. 
Here's the result with the colors I chose.

Products used in this post - from the lightest to the darkest
* Topshop Nails n°201 "Tidal"
* Essie Nail Lacquer "Rock the boat"
* Hema Long Lasting Nail polish n°835
* L'Oréal Color Riche n°611 "Sky Fits Heaven"
* Nails Inc. London n°51 "Baker Street"


  1. Absolutely love it! Will do the same, but with pink :-) Thanks for the idea. x

    1. Oh thanks girl! Yeah in pink! That would be amazing, send me a pic if you do it :D Kisses!