Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Sephora on a budget!

I went to Paris for a few days to see my friends and visit some museums. It was the hottest days of the year (36-41°c every day, all day long, it was tough!), but I really enjoyed it. I wasn't suppose to do any shopping, but on the last hour of the last day, while waiting for my coach to go back to Brussels, I cracked. For good reasons. I saw a huge Sephora shop next to my coach stop. It called my name. I couldn't resist. I had to go in. Why? Because we do not have Sephora in Belgium! And I know they carry some amazing brands like Urban Decay, Lancôme, Benefit, but those onces are way too expensive for my little tiny budget. I could only look at their beautiful products, and put them back where they belonged (a.k.a not in my hands). 
Then, I saw a few shelves with only Sephora products on sales!  Hallelujah! -30%/-50%/-70% off! I was so excited! Usually the Sephora makeup is not the most expensive one, I would say it's in the middle of the price range, but they do such a good job with the quality. Everything is really pigmented, creamy, long lasting. I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed. I almost gave in to buying some nice makeup brushes, but even half price, they were still a bit too much money to spend for me. I am really happy with my cheap and soft Hema brushes. 

What caught my eye was the mascara-khôl-glitter eyeliner combo, just because you always need a backup mascara, and that price couldn't be beaten. I saw the two extra products as "why not"s.
For eyeshadows, I really gravitated around purple and warm pink colors. I think it's very flattering to brown-hazelnut eyes, and for summer, a bit of color on the eyelids is always welcomed! The cream pencil is so easy to use, and the eyeshadow palette is great for a smokey-purple look, to change it up for the neutrals that we all love.
I also wanted to find a fresh fuchsia blush, and I did! Such a good color payoff, and it's brighter if you want to change your look for special occasions. I usually only wear "baby pink" blusher, but I just went with the flow and got it!
The last product that I bought was a surprise for me; a lip pencil, that I'm going to use all over the lips as a lipstick. It's so creamy, and perfect for autumn - yeah, I plan ahead! - with a simple black dress, or a polka dots long sleeve playsuit. It's a true red, and give a bit of a pin up vibe! Love. It. 

In the end, I spent less than 25 € on all of that, and I won't be buying more makeup in a long time... I'm so happy with what I have, it's insane.

Products used on this post:
* Sephora. Hydrating powder blush. Long lasting, paraben free, in n°18 "Pop Pink": 5,48 € (- 50% of 10,95€)

* Sephora. Colorful Shadow & Liner, Shimmer, n°14 "Violet", Waterproof: 5,48€ (-50% of 10,95€)

* Sephora. "Perfect Night Out" Eye set. - Dramatic Volume Mascara. - Glitter eyeliner. - Long lasting kohl pencil. 6,59 € (-70% of 21,95 €)

* Sephora. 4 Shadows and Liner Palette. Long lasting, paraben free in n°04 "Eternally purple": 5,68 € (-70% of 18,95 €)

* Sephora. Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in n°06 "Strawberry delish": 4,98 € (-50% of 9,95 €)


  1. Sephora is my favorite shop! I want to buy everything!!! Sales are always good there but make sure you there the first day!

    1. Agreed with the early bird advice! After 3 weeks of sales, not much is left!