Tuesday, 21 July 2015

27 years old! 27 random thoughts on beauty and life

I'm turning 27 today. Wow. That sounds like a lot. But I'm fine with it, I have to say. I feel my age. Not younger. Maybe even a little bit older. Age has never really freaked me out. But this year has been an interesting one. I've learned a lot about myself, and my perspective on life. So I decided to share a bit of that experience. 

1* Sleep. If you can, sleep more than 8 hours a night. It's the best thing you can do for your skin and for your general health. A good night sleep to takeover the world. 
2* Always be there for your friends - a least for the once that were there for you -. In your 20s, a lot is happening. Love relationships are coming and going, jobs are hard to get, moving, weddings, life questioning. Take time to go and have coffee with your friends, one to one, and share/listen. It's important. 
3* Don't be scared to cut off a "friend". If the person you thought was your friend does not answer to you after 4, 5 texts, if they always have a lame excuse to not see you, if they make you feel uncomfortable: cut them off. You're better than that. They are the one who are going to loose a good person in their life. 
4* Embrace your natural hair. I'm not saying you should leave them air dry and go out looking like a witch (which is my natural hair look), but style it in a way that you can embrace their wave/curls/straightness. If you have straight and silky hair, don't try to have ringlet curls. I can understand a few curls at the end of your hair - beachy hair look - but otherwise, it never looks natural. I spent my entire life fighting my curls, wanting my hair to be straight and silky, and I still style it like that once in a while, but for everyday, I just enhance my curls with a curling irons, and go on with my day!
5* If an ad for an exhibition catches you eye, plan to go see it within 10 days - otherwise, we all know you'll miss it and regret it.
6* Travel. Even just a little weekend. Our generation is so lucky to have flights at 50€ to go on the other side of Europe. Airbnb is always a great option to avoid annoying hotels. It will give you a breath of fresh air, a new experience, and you'll come back in a better emotional and physical shape. 
7* If your skin is fine, don't wear foundation. I use a BB cream or a CC cream when needed, and if you don't need full coverage due to acne, spots, chronic redness, don't bother with foundation. A bit of concealer underneath the eyes and around the nose, a mattifying powder on your T zone, and you're good to go - after eye/cheeks/lip/eyebrow makeup of course, if you feel like it -. 
8* Always have fruits close to you. In your bag, in your kitchen/living room, when you travel. A nice juicy apple, a fresh pear, a ripe banana will save your life and your health in case of emergency. We all have our moments when we just want a bit of sugar. Reach for your fruit. I know it's not the easiest way out, but with time, you'll appreciate it more. 
9* Tea is your friend. Hot, cold, in the morning, afternoon, night, at a friend's house, in your bed watching a movie, a cup of tea is always going to be there for you. Calming, it give a hug to your heart.
10* Body hair are natural. Don't go crazy over them. Let them be as much as you can. You'll see. They're not nasty! They're soft, funny, and beautiful. 
11* Try to do a "no computer/no tv" night once a week with your partner, and reconnect, just the two of you. 
12* Get to know your story. So many details of our life/family history is known by the older generation. They will often not tell you directly, maybe thinking you know already! Don't hesitate to ask questions to learn those family anecdotes - how was the day of your birth, how did your parents/uncle/grandparents meet, what would be their advice on love, how was the journey to immigrate in  another country, what was their parents name...-
13* Everyone has their own journey. Try not to be jealous of those people that did the same study as you did and are now earning money, or "further in life" than you are. Who cares? You wouldn't want to be anybody else, I'm sure. You have so many precious moments in your life, you just need to turn on the light and see them. It's your journey through life, and that's what counts. 

14* Take time to read. I know, it's a difficult one. Between the computer, your phone, there's always something to do! To take time to just be alone with my book, I go outside in a park, or I turn off the wifi! And for 2hours or so, your mind will be transported in another world. The amazing power of books.
15* After a long relationship, take time for yourself. You don't want to bring too much bagage with you to your next relationship. You have to heal first. Understand who you became - because yes, you changed - and chill out. Don't run after the next relationship. You are always going to be in a relationship with yourself first. Clean your heart before you accept anybody in, it's only fair for that new person. 
16* Look into organic food. I know it's often more expensive, but food is the fuel of your body. Less chemical = less problems.
17* Grieve takes time. Time. It will transform you and make your stronger in so many ways.
18* Age is just a number. If you are chronically anxious and stressed out about turning 30, 33, 40, 51, anything, you have bigger issues and frustrations with yourself that you should maybe look into. Age is not that relevant. You are not suppose to be "there in life", you do you. That's all you can do, really.
19* Try. Try new foods. New places. New makeup. New look. New style of movies. To connect with new people. It will make your life richer. Fuller.
20* Mascara, always mascara. Even is you just want to go outside with a bit of concealer, mascara will make all the difference. Don't compromise between length and volume, get a mascara that do both.
21* Love will come, if you let it. Don't be one of those crazy person who has a 10 pages long list of criteria for your perfect partner. Life will surprise you if you are ready to share your experiences with a loving human being.
22* Set accessible goals in your daily life. If you schedule 15 events in a week, huge effort every day, you will fail at what you expected to do. Set accessible goals, and think about what is actually really important for you. All the rest can be done later/in another way/ not at all. And no, you won't be Jimi Hendrix or Einstein, but it's ok. Be the best version of yourself.
23* Drink water, so much water. It's good for your skin, your body, your hunger, your health. And it's delicious! Yes it is! You can also change it up by adding lemon, spices or herb when you get bored. Always carry a bottle of water in your bag, it will change everything. Plus, soda is not the best idea. I personally prefer to eat my calories, eat my chocolate instead of drinking the same amount of sugar.
24* It's not the 1980s anymore, don't just study what you want. Study what you like and what can get you a job later, otherwise, you'll end stagnating of after university with all your hopes crushed like annoying insects. Then, you'll have to start all over again, when you're older, just to get an salary at the end. A very long journey for not much. Think ahead.
25* If you are a creative person, stay creative in any way you can. If it's by creating nail art, drawing in the pages of your agenda, write a blog post, wear an original headband, something out of the norm, do it. You will feel less lost in the "adult world".
26* Don't let disgusting/uneducated men's comment and behaviors change how you dress in the morning. Be yourself. Always. Fuck them,  they're not worth it.
27* Little and/or big moments of happiness make life worth living for

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