Monday, 29 June 2015

What about Limecrime?

I discovered the brand through the owner's blog, Doe Deere. I found her beautiful, inspiring and talented. But if you live in Belgium, you can only get in on the internet. I always prefer to see the product in real life, in shops, before I buy anything. 
But you know how online shopping goes. It's very tempting. The Limecrime website has original products, beautiful looking lip lacquers in very different colors than the normal market with a beautiful velvet finish, neon colored liquid eyeliners - light blue, bright purple, white, chartreuse - , and their signature item, crazy colored lipsticks. I was obsessed by the colors of those lipsticks. After a long hesitation, going back and forth with my spending side and my reasonable side, I gave in, and ordered two shades of lipsticks: D'Lilac and Coquette. The products arrived in a beautiful purple unicorn box.

The lipsticks packaging is very nice. Heavy, researched, beautiful, it feels like you didn't spend your money on nothing. The formula is amazing. Very creamy, long lasting, and so so so pigmented! For the color;

* D'Lilac. Beautiful. Very springy. Fresh. Different. It compliments pale skin. I will also say that it stains the lips with a fuchsia color. You should wear it with very minimal eye-make up though (mascara + eyeliner) because it can be a bit cartoonish.
* Coquette
This shade has a brownish-orangy undertone, and I cannot make it work with my fair skin color. A more pinkish color like the "Babette" lipstick would have suited me better. 

However, I've heard that this company had quite a few legal problems, so I don't think I'll ever order from them again, but I am happy with my D'Lilac, and I still will take inspiration from Doe Deere's blog!

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