Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Tiny Body Shop haul

I really love The Body Shop. I like the ethics behind the brand - does not sell or use either finished products or ingredients that were tested on animals - , I love that they are not scared to play around with scent - olive, moringa, hemp, mojito, white musk, smoky poppy....  Some of my holy grail products come from there; for exemple their "Body Butters" and the their "Base double function all in one" powder. They also have men skin care products - if you are shopping with a male, it's always interesting - and they often have good deals and sales all year round. 

That round body brush is perfect for exfoliating in the shower. Because I have very sensitive skin, I do this only once a week, with a very creamy and gentile soap. I couldn't resist that particular brush because it's round, which makes it so easy to use and so cute! I never really got on well with those brushes with a giant handle that are suppose to scratch your back. Too big, too annoying. Moreover, the wood on this body brush is polished and a beautiful honey color. Very appealing. 

Detangling comb -  Because I have curly hair, I can't use normal brushes if I want to keep my culs intact. If you use a normal hair brush, you're gonna have to reform your curls one way or the other - curling iron, washing them again, spraying water or product. I tried a plastic detangling comb before and it worked really well on my curls. But I wanted a wooden one, to avoid frizz and to be more environment-friendly. 

At the counter, I grabbed a Lip butter in pink grapefruit flavor. I always put some kind of moisturizing product on my lips, it's a necessity! They are so dry. And because I was already a huge fan of the Body Butters, I wanted to give a chance to one of those Lip Butters. Verdict: very light, fresh and citrusy scent. Moisturizing but not greasy.

I am really happy with what I got. Next time, I'm looking forward to try some products from their "Vitamine E" range! Now, let's enjoy what we have!

Products in this post:
* Detangling comb - Community Trade with birch wood from well-manages forests. The Body Shop. 5 €
* Round body brush - FSC certified wood. The Body Shop. 14 €
* Lip butter - pink grapefruit. The Body Shop. 5 €

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