Thursday, 4 June 2015

Nail art: simple is the new original

I love to add little details to my nails. Even if it's a simple dot, a touch of glitter or a cute kawaii motif, it brings everything to the next level. Before, I use to try to do nice graphic motifs with all kinds of weird tricks, like the "scotch tape trick". A complete fail. It took off my base coat, it was all sticky. Then I tried to do patterns using the nail polish brush, but damn, it was a huge mess every time.  

Then, I found a simple accessory that allowed me to elevate a color manicure: a nail art pen.

After that, it's all about creativity and inspiration.

For this example, I wanted something very simple, made out of a range of dots and lines in the theme of arrows. Easy and effective.

To apply the pen on to your nails, be patient. One point at a time. It does not have to be perfect. You just have to imagine in you mind where you want to put the next point, or where you need to finish the line. 
Tip: Always take off the excess of product in the cap of the nail polish pen. It will make the final result more even and precise. 

For the colors, you can go subtle: light blue base and dark blue pen, grey base and black pen, or even only using nail art pens on a sheer base. The result will be subtle but impressive for the people looking at your nails. You can also go more flashy: purple base and turquoise pen, like I chose for this example, black base and silver pen.

Used in this post:
Nail polish: Essie nail lacquer "Sittin' pretty"
Nail art pen: mine comes from Primark, but I have others from Topshop. Now, any and every brand has some in their range, but I would recommend the Primark ones, only for the unbeatable prices. The one I used in this article is from the range "P.S. love... Nail art pen" in turquoise.

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