Monday, 8 June 2015

Little organic-shop haul

Once in a while, it's nice to stroll through the alleys of a small organic shop. You discover weird products that you're willing to try, others that you would never touch, and it opens up your horizon about food, drinks and healthy things to put in and on your body. 
Unfortunately, it's often more expensive than the usual products you find in a "normal" supermarket. That's why I allow myself to only go into those tiny cute healthy shops once a month. 
This month, well.. I was not too bad. I respected my little budget, but the choice was hard, I have to confess. Here's my haul. 

My weakness in those types of shop: any sort of almond/peanut butter (100% almond or peanut, no sugar, salt, or any other crap added) and herbal teas. Man, it's so hard to resist. That's why, often, I don't. 
I use herbal teas just before bed, or during the day in homemade iced-teas! They are so full of flavors, easy to use (those Pukka teas are in bags), you can't go wrong. 

For the 100% peanuty peanut butter... You know how it goes. A little spoon when you crave it, you can also put it in cookies, cakes, cereals in the morning, or, the best thing ever: on toast with strawberry jam. It melts just a little bit on that crunchy and warm toast.. A little piece of heaven, I'm telling you. 

I also bought dried mangos. I have to tell you guys, it was a revelation! You know when you're craving something sweet in the evening, watching a series or going through youtube videos? Try to nibble on dried mangos, it's such a satisfying feeling. You have a lot in one bag, and it takes a while to go trough it! Because it's all dry slices, you have to chew them one by one, and it takes longer that it would have taken to eat a whole chocolate bar. Healthy and delicious solution for midnight snacking! 

I picked up the Crispy Purple Corn and Kale Chips by pure curiosity, but let's be honest. That price for 30grams of salted veggies is not reasonable. Expensive for a very small content, I would not recommend them. 

On that note, I'm going to make myself a "three ginger" Pukka herbal tea, and I'll keep you informed on the new organic things I try out next month. 

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