Thursday, 28 May 2015

Nail polish quest: the perfect green

We are all looking to find the perfect shade of nail polish in every color category. Or am I the only one?
Always keeping an eye out for the most luminous blue, the most splendid purple, the freshest mint, the most beautiful pink, that vibrant but yet subtle glitter.

Confession. I never had a great interest for red nail colors though. It was not my calling. With my auburn gingerish hair and a skin prone to redness, I never felt like adding more red on me. Moreover, it's a bit to classical of a color for me, let's be honest. I only wear the fire color on my toe nails, and I've sticked with the Bourjois "Le Rouge fidèle" for that purpose. Classic, easy to apply, no headache. I will leave the quest for the perfect red to another brave soul.

Green. Green was on my mind.
With my skin complexion, I was not looking for a spicy apple green (even though that color still manages to find its way on my nails more than once a year), but I was on a quest for more of a pale, soft, beautiful fluffy green. 
And then, I found it. I wasn't even actively searching for anything that day. Isn't it how it works though? Like with love... and chocolate... and all the good things in life. Expect nothing, get everything. 
My winner, my pale but yet flattering green champion. His name was "Amande défilé" a play of two french terms: "Amandes éffilées" (slivered almonds) and "défilé"(fashion show). Number 04, my lucky number. How could I not follow the signs of the universe?!...

... so I purchased it, and here is what I thought about it. Review time. 
+ Insane color. Beautiful. Pale. Fresh. Different. Pleasing. True to the bottle
+ Good price for a large pot
+ Nice brush
+ With the right top coat, does not chip for good 4/5 days
+ That color. Again. A stunner. 
- Quite a liquid consistency. Needs 3 coats for sure
- By itself, without top coat, chips very quickly

In addition, a touch of originality is always welcomed. When I laid my eyes on a "matte" top coat, I had to get it. I love matte lipsticks, why not try matte nails! 
Result: It makes the manicure looks so much cooler, different, sometimes discret, and sometimes, especially on pale colors, so enhanced. It also dries very very quickly. I recommend it. Oh yes I do. And that combo. Matte Amandes défilé. Hot. Cold. Everything. 

- Bourjois "Le Rouge fidèle" (Déjà 150 ans, 1956)
- Bourjois "Instant dry" (Nail enamel dryer - 2x faster)
- Bourjois So laque glossy "04 Amande défilé"
- L'Oréal Color Riche "914 Matte" (Top coat Matte)

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